The top selling item at Lochel’s Bakery are our donuts! Our donuts are made on the premises using fresh ingredients by skilled bakers! We fry our donuts every morning, fill those famous cream donuts by hand and sugar each one generously!

Our top selling donuts is the Cream filled available in powdered, chocolate iced and glazed. Followed by our fantastic chocolate iced ring donut with or without jimmies! (yes we say jimmies, but we like sprinkles too!)

Looking for Fastnachts for Fat Tuesday? We make them and we make them well! Our Fastnachts are made with real potatoes, from scratch on the premises and fried all day long on Fastnacht Day!

Quick tip~ Since donuts are the top seller at Lochel’s Bakery we highly suggest ordering your favorites. We sell our often and therefore to ensure your favorite is available, call and order. You will thank us later!

Call bakery at 2157739779 for donut pricing and flavors.