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Family owned and operated for over 72 years!


Rob, Owner/ Baker

Lochel’s Bakery has been family owned and operated since 1942 so Rob had a ton of people to learn from! At 5 yrs old Rob started running around in the family bakery, he was fascinated with everything about baking! His love of baking grew over the years and he has mastered many skills in it. After running the family business for several years, Rob and his wife purchased Lochel’s Bakery in 2005, offering new products, updated styles and still using many of the “secret original” Lochel’s Bakery recipes! Rob enjoys trying new products and coming up with new ideas. Being very inventive and adapting to the ever so changing Bakery environment is no problem for him. Rob has assisted a local Tech School on various occasions and participates in any Bakery related activities when possible. Rob is Serv-Safe Certified

Kathleen, Wife/ Does it all

Kathleen also grew up running around a bakery at a young age! Kathleen’s Uncle had an Italian Bakery. Kathleen and Rob starting dating in 10th Grade and she knew then that any future with Rob meant a bakery future! With an education in Retail Sales/Customer Service/Accounting, Kathleen accented Rob’s bakery knowledge. While working at Lochel’s Bakery during holidays, Kathleen learned a lot before taking the bakery over in 2005. Since 2005 Kathleen has advanced her skills in Fondant Cake Decorating by taken courses with some of the Top Cake Designers from all around. She currently takes as many cake related courses available and is always trying to learn new, exciting things pertaining to cakes! Kathleen is very creative and tries to use her creativity in everything she does! One of Kathleen’s Cakes can be seen in the Spring/Summer 2011 Issue of Philadelphia Weddings Magazine and Kathleen has been seen on the 10! Show on NBC10 several times!

Jim, Brother/Baker

Jim started out in the bakery at a very young age as well. As a child Jim worked side by side with his Father and Grandfather learning as much as possible including Scratch Baking and Cake Decorating. During Jim’s early years at Lochel’s Bakery, he was the Baker and Cake Decorator. Jim, along with Rob, work side by side making all of the Lochel’s Bakery products~ it’s a family affair! Jim has worked in other local bakeries and has advanced his skills while learning along the way. Jim has a true passion of baking. Jim enjoys spending time with his family and friends, loves going to Phillies games, listening to music and having quiet time! Jim is Serv-Safe Certified